Sunday, 10 August 2008

European Dreams

Travelling to Europe has always been a dream, and travelling a few times to cover different parts of Europe an even bigger dream. But dreams sometimes come true! On April 2008 Joy and I set out for the 1st chapter of our dream journey amidst a lot of apprehensions and excitement. Since this was our first major trip abroad we chose to travel with a tour operator. For two to three months I called various tour companies, went through a big list of travel plans and prices, and finally decided to travel to Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, and England with Thomas Cook. The itinerary set by Thomas Cook looked very exciting, and the pricing was very attractive. Infact, a trip to Dubai was a bonus from Thomas Cook!

The next 6 posts will cover almost every detail that I remember of our travel experience in Europe. The order is Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Paris, and London.

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