Friday, 17 October 2008

Catch Dream Theater perform live in Singapore!

The trip to Singapore happened only because Dream Theater was coming to perform there, the closest destination from India. For Joy, it was his dream to catch his favourite band play live, for me the travel came first and then the concert. But most importantly, it was our first international travel together!

After a lot of deliberation we worked out our travel itinerary which turned out to be a little more expensive than what we expected. Well, there was nothing in this world that could've stopped Joy from going, and definitely not the expense, so I decided to go along with the plan.

The concert was held in Fort Canning Park. I have been to quite a few open ground concerts, but this place was remarkably different. No checking/frisking at the gate, no pushing, no moshing, the fans gathered there only to experience pure music.

What was interesting to note was that I met 3 acquaintances from Hyderabad at the venue besides the 3 friends who were with us! It rained that evening, not once but twice; quite unusual in Singapore to rain at that hour. We were all drenched, but noone moved. I stood there watching these boys' undaunted spirits to enjoy every bit of the show, and listening to the sounds of music.

Sometimes people should not take rules too seriously. I figured that when I saw a few hundred people with their cameras at the venue! I don't have any photograph of the concert.

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