Saturday, 25 October 2008

A distant feel of Europe in Kolkata

While travelling in Europe I got reminded of Kolkata and Mumbai by just looking at the buildings. I kept telling Joy, only if keep these two cities were kept clean and our country had lesser population, these two cities would have looked as good as any European city.

Strange as it may seem, yet a reality, that we go to Europe to see a lot of what we already have in our country, just that ours is a little dirty and rather neglected! The British built these buildings for us, we failed to keep them alive!

I lived in Kolkata for a better part of my life, and I feel ashamed to realise that even I did not pay much heed to these brilliant buildings and monuments in my own city. When I went to Europe, I made sure to click photographs of everything I saw, but back in Kolkata I never ever thought of clicking a single photograph!

The pictures that follow are not taken by me, sadly! Thanks to many photographers and Google, I have gathered a few pictures and have posted them. I hope I'm not stepping into a copyright issue! At this moment, I make a promise to myself, that I'll post my own photographs on this page soon... 

Top of New Market, earlier known as Hogg Market... I didn't know it looked so beautiful...

Victoria Memorial... truly European, isn't it!

View of the Raj Bhavan.

GPO, Kolkata!
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