Saturday, 23 May 2009

A long drive to Mahabaleshwar...

Last October while I was staying at my Aunt's house in Pune, my Uncle suddenly decided that we should all take a break from the daily humdrum life and go for a long drive. We thought for one whole evening and planned to go to Mahabaleshwar. He booked a car for the next morning, and with practically no plans we set out for Mahabaleshwar.

On the way we picked up money from the ATM, stopped by a store to pick chocolates, wafers, soft drinks etc, since we had two 'not so young' kids with us (my cousins) who need food every now and then. Coming to think of it, many people love to munch on something or the other while travelling, I do too!

About Mahabaleshwar, I had heard various opinions from different people, noone ever said it was great, nor did they say it was bad. Therefore, my expectations were not very high. I knew I was going for an outing with family.

On our way we stopped in Panchgani at Mapro's, had awesome sandwiches and icecreams, and headed for Mahabaleshwar. Since I had no image of the place in my mind I enjoyed myself througout. I loved the drive uphill to Mahabaleshwar. It wasn't too steep and the roads were quite good.

The highlights of this place are its various points. Some of them are a little difficult to reach if you are not a really strong and fit person as the way to these points are rough and steep. But if you can make it there you'll realise that the effort was worth it. The view from those points is stunning!

Since we did not stay over we did not get time to spend time at the lake, and go for a boat ride. It would've been fun. Neverthless, it was certainly worth visiting Mahabaleshwar.

At Mapro's in Panchgani


David said...

One of the beautiful sights of India for travel with full of natural beauty.


Chandrima Roy said...

Oh yes... it is! Thanks again David!