Friday, 8 October 2010

Many years ago, when I was very young, I used to spend Durga Puja vacation with my maternal grandparents. That's when I grew up listening to Mahalaya - Durga Bandana on the radio. Not that I understood much of what I heard, but there was a thrill about waking up at 4 in the morning and listening to the radio with everyone else in the house.

As I grew there came the days of the television, Mahalaya on Doordarshan, and I found that more appealing than the radio. But, as the years progressed I started losing interest in waking up early in the morning to tune into the radio or the television. Perhaps the significance of traditions, conventions have been reducing in the so-called modern times.

The past few years, in spite of my sincere interest, I miss turning on the television on time. I just can't wake up! This year it was worse, it didn't strike me that it was Mahalaya yesterday, though my cousin sent me a beautiful text message. Guess I am becoming increasingly forgetful or my mind is too preoccupied, whatever...

I was going through some blogs this morning. Thanks to KG aka Aparna, that I realised that YouTube has videos of Mahalaya! She posted a beautiful video 'Dhak'; just loved watching it. These modern ideas will definitely revive the spirit of Mahalaya for those who have lost interest in it. 

Just thinking, with the ever changing technolgy, one hardly misses anything anymore!  Just go through the life cycle of Mahalaya... it was the radio, then the television and now the YouTube videos... what next? :)

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