Thursday, 23 June 2011

I want a wardrobe makeover!

I don't belong to the group of women who don't wear their clothes more than once, neither am I the kind who need to change her wardrobe every 6 months... some of my clothes are as old as 10 years and they still fit me, and they don't look worn out! 

In Hyderabad I had three 2-door wardrobes for my clothes, and still some of my clothes used to be stacked on an extra chair, sometimes on the bed. I could never fit in my clothes inside the wardrobes! When Joy and I moved to Mumbai my clothes were confined to just one wardrobe as the other two were built-in ones that belonged to the previous flat owner. Besides the one wardrobe my clothes were stacked in three suitcases because there was no place for another piece of furniture in the tiny apartment we moved in. 

It's been over two years in Mumbai, and I am kind of sick of looking at the suitcases and the one over packed wardrobe. For the first time in my life I am willing to give away clothes. I know that as long as I am going to live in Mumbai the flats are going to be small, and now that I have a daughter, the second bedroom is going to be her's; so there will be no place for an extra cupboard... sad! But no, it's not all that sad any more 'cause I want a clothes makeover.

In fact, I am already in the process of sorting out clothes that I will never wear. There are several reasons why I want to give away those clothes. The most common reasons are one, I have worn them just too many times, and second, I don't fit into some! It feels sad with the second point though that I don't fit into some! Also, after looking at pics of many 35 plus yummy mummies I had a desire to be one of them. Well, I don't know whether I can fit into the shoes of those yummy mummies, but I can definitely dress to look good!

I guess I need to come to terms with the fact that I am fatter than what and how I used to be, and unless I change my diet and exercise regularly I cannot get slimmer. This may sound like an excuse, but it's okay to be a little healthy at 36, isn't it! ;) 

Here are all that I am going to do... after sorting all the clothes I am going to alter and redesign a few of them for a new look (the recycle freak that I am!), give some of my favourite ones to two of dearest cousins. The not-so favourite clothes will go to Goonj.  And finally, I am going to buy a hell lot of new clothes! Why not, there's no age bar to go for a style makeover! :)
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