Thursday, 21 July 2011

Where have all the friends gone?

"If you're lonely
And need a friend 
And troubles seem like 
They never end 
Just to remember to keep the faith 
And love will be there to light the way 

Anytime you need a friend I will be here 
You'll never be alone again 
So don't you fear 
Even if you're miles away 
I'm by your side 
So don't you ever be lonely
Love will make it alright..."

There was a time when some of my friends and I used to swear by these words and the emotions involved. But today, where is even that one friend who can be there when I need them to be around? 


drift wood said...

You know, if there's one thing i realise each passing day, no matter how much you want to call it a 'maximum city', this city is perhaps the most cruel place to live in the world. It doesn't allow one to do a lot more than eke out a living and go out to the nearby mall in the evening. Even when one wants to, the sheer distance and hassle involved in meeting up with those with whom you can have a soulful conversation, just seems such an impossibility.
Sometimes i feel so resentful about the way life is passing by, i cant tell you. :(

Chandrima Roy said...

It's strange that even after all these years when we haven't been talking and chatting endlessly like the school and early college days we still seem to think alike! I like this city for a variety of things, but I don't feel like spending the rest of my life here.

To be honest, you were constantly on my mind while I was writing this. In spite of the huge time gap I still miss the times spent.