Friday, 26 August 2011

Anushka's 1st Birthday at Palolem!

Palolem is one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Goa. I did not believe it till I saw it! I am so happy that my sister insisted that we go to Palolem to celebrate Aanya's Birthday, and all of us agreed to it!

In mid-August Goa is not all that crowded, though there were a good amount of people in some parts of Goa as it was the Indian Independence Day just after the weekend - a long weekend for many. Hence, going to Palolem was a great option!

We reached Palolem late in the afternoon, and the moment we got off the car I got reminded of the film 'The Bourne Supremacy'The beach was featured as the Indian residence of Jason Bourne played by Matt Damon. I remember that the initial footage in the movie showed the natural beauty of the beach, and I could almost connect with what I was seeing with my own eyes to what I saw in the movie. Palolem is spectacular! I had never been to any beach like this before. It is still unspoilt even though many people are talking about it these days. 

A little about the Palolem beach to excite the readers! It takes about an hour to get to Palolem from Margao. Though there are train and bus options to get there, it's best to hire a car to travel to any place in Goa. Otherwise, one can a hire a bike to get around Palolem.

It is a natural bay surrounded by lofty headlands on either sides. The sand is white and the sea is not rough. Joy and I had the courage to take Aanya into the water and walk a bit too. In fact, we saw some surfers there! 

There are various places to go from Palolem, one being the boat ride to see dolphins. We missed all that because all that are closed during the off season months. Water sports are also a big favourite during the season time. 

Since we went during off season the beach shacks were closed for food. We were very hungry and couldn't wait, so we went straight to Dropadi, near the entrance to the beach. It looked nice and had the authentic beach restaurant feel. We had three kinds of awesome prawn dishes besides other stuff and beer. They serve excellent food, and the service was also good.

Here are some pics taken at the beach...



Ushasi said...

Your daughter is just the cutest thing. :)

Chandrima Roy said...

Thanks Ushasi (on Aanya's behalf too)!