Monday, 28 November 2011

A visit to a Bengal countryside...

We often take our homeland for granted and only realise its worth after travelling around the world. My story is a little like that. I have lived in big cities and that probably made me a little snobbish over the years. And, I found that's the same with my sister and cousins too. Just this time when I went to Kolkata I felt like visiting a couple of places which are far and are a little modernised villages. One such place was Belmuri, which is about an hour and a half drive from Rashbehari Avenue, my home in Kolkata. The trip was planned to pay a visit to an elderly grand aunt and uncle, who were very eager to meet my little daughter. As I told my folks about my plan not only did they readily agree, a couple of others joined in too. We were 8 of us and it did sound like a plan!

I haven't been to any place around Kolkata in several years and I did not realise that some of the highways are so wonderfully built. When my uncle told me that we'll cover the 100 odd kilometres in an hour and a half I didn't quite believe. To my surprise we actually did, in fact, a little before the estimated time! I loved the smooth ride, it was an experience I hadn't felt ever before in Bengal. Modernisation may not have reached these places to a great extent, but there is no dearth of Sprite or Lay's wafers all along the way!

As we reached my grand aunt and uncle's place we were welcomed by the entire family. The warmth that I felt as I got there was amazing, can't find such pure emotions in cities anymore. After many years I had a really good time with family and relatives. It felt good to realise that simple pleasures of life are not difficult to get, only if you want them! Also, we had freshly cooked chicken curry, cauliflower-prawn curry and rice!

Here are a few photographs that I took of the house... 

A humble old fashioned house with many modern amenities inside

Rice is stocked in the hut after the harvest

Moving towards modernisation

Aanya is always happy when she is with my mother!
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