Thursday, 23 July 2015

Of Beer, Tapas and Paella!

Tapas, red wine and paella are quintessentially Spanish and no tour of Spain would be complete without them. Off Plaza Mayor, on one of the busy streets of Madrid, we (Joy, Aanya and I) went to Corrientes 348 to try some tapas, beer instead of red wine and paella. We will have to pay 10% extra to sit on the terrace, we were told and was ushered towards a table on the street. We thought that we were waiting there to go the terrace, but in a few minutes we realised the street was the terrace! Well, in Europe sitting outside a restaurant on the street and paying more is common after all!

The waiter was a Romanian, and he was bemused that we had come all the way from India. We were pleasantly surprised that he had, in fact, heard of India!

We ordered for beer and were happy to find a brand of beer we knew! While we drank beer, Aanya kept saying cheers and sipping water; she doesn't drink any juice or soft drink! Tapas usually comes for free, and we also got a portion of it, not sure what was in it though. Hence, I repeatedly asked the waiter what meat was in it. He very patiently assured it was chicken! Also, ordered some chicken fries and confirmed if there was any other kind of meat mixed with it. We eat only chicken, lamb, beef and pork and some variety of fish. I had to be absolutely sure of what we were eating!

For dinner, we ordered for Chicken paella; the common paella with rabbit meat is very popular but it is a big no-no for us!

We didn't wait to click a pic as we were too excited to eat paella for the 1st time, but the 1st bite disappointed us. The much talked about paella, often compared to Indian biriyanis, didn't taste so good. In fact, the chicken had the over-frozen smell. Quite a disappointment! The pic happened after a few bites, quite evident in the pic above!

All in all, we had a fabulous evening. Walked through narrow lanes from Paseo del Prado to Plaza Mayor, strolled and sat for a while listening to nice Spanish music being played by an elderly couple at the plaza, and wrapped up eating at a Spanish reastaurant!

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