Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A Wonder Called YouTube!

YouTube is a fantastic technological feat which among other things has brought the world of music as close as it can get to music lovers. In other words, it is a wonder!

I was working at the computer when all of a sudden I remembered Danny Kaye's Popo The Puppet, a song I last heard 22 years ago. I typed 'Danny Kaye Popo The Puppet' on YouTube and there it was, the song I heard as a little girl! I have such wonderful memories of this song as we had performed this in one of our school annual functions; I did the little talking in between.

I don't know how many people today know about Danny Kaye; I really don't care. If people haven't heard enough music while growing up it is their loss! But for those who cherish music from the past and, especially their childhood, here is the song!

Enjoy! :)