Sunday, 12 February 2012

Whitney Houston, I will always love you!

Last night I was up very late, trying to sleep. I was humming Whitney Houston's 'Greatest Love of All' and remembering how beautifully she hits those high notes, something I'd never ever be able to, so effortlessly. I woke up late this morning and had to rush a little as there was someone expected to come over. I wore a long top and a pair of leggings without actually looking at the combination; they were both black and I usually don't wear all black! When the lady left I just casually changed the tv channels only to hear that my Demigoddess was no more! Was I sensing something... I don't know! I was shocked, completely speechless, I didn't cry! I am still not crying but I am weeping inside...

I am not going to tell everyone what a wonderful singer she was (writing was hits me very hard!) or anything about her as a performer because the world knows it all. What the world doesn't know is how much I have always loved her. I heard her first in 1988 when I was 13 years old and I have grown listening to her. I have so many times pretended to be her, and sang her songs in the bathroom and thought I was just like her! I dared to sing her songs on stage just a few times and always realised after each performance how pathetic I was to even attempt her songs. She was a Demigoddess and you cannot reach or touch a Demigoddess!

The only artist I dreamt to see perform live was she. When I was really young I used to dream of sharing the same stage with her. With her gone, my dreams are gone forever.

My daughter was barely a month old when one day she was crying endlessly, and nothing could comfort her. My husband played 'I Look To You' and my baby was quiet immediately. When she was about two and half months, one evening, she heard the song  four and a half times before she stopped crying, and gradually fell off to sleepLater, every time she cried like crazy we'd play the song, and Whitney's angelic voice would do the magic!  

Whitney has had a  great, yet a very difficult life. While she enthralled her fans with her music she suffered deep within. Her untimely death is shocking and the cause of her death is still not known. 

"She has gone from the earth to a better place I know... I hear the gentle voices calling Whitney Elizabeth Houston...."

May her soul rest in peace...