Sunday, 30 December 2012

2012 is ending...

The one thing I really wished for was peace and happiness in this seemingly chaotic and unpredictable world when I wrote my new year post early January this year. Sadly, through the year, in spite of many highs on the personal front, several unfortunate incidents happened all around the world, and all of those affected me deeply. The young Delhi girl who was brutally tortured only to die was no friend of mine, but her death has a deep impact on me, and I know the dent that has formed will take a long time to fill. Every time I muster some courage to get on with life something bad happens, and I am back to square one. I often wonder how will I bring up my daughter, what values do I pass on? No, that’s not the exact question… I am worried about how will I keep my daughter safe, and yet, give her a reasonably independent life? I am sure that most Indian mothers with young daughters have this question on their minds at this very moment!

Protests, debates, candle light march, interviews… they all happen, but cruelty towards people just keeps going on and on and on. Today, in spite of all the good and the bad things happening around the world, I am living my life just like any other day; just that I am a little more shaken inside.

Tomorrow when I celebrate the coming of the new year with my family and friends I will be a little unsure about what to expect of the coming year. One thing that I am sure going to pray for is safety for my immediate family first and then everybody else. With such amount of filth in the society who knows if my family becomes the next victim!

Monday, 10 December 2012

What not to wear - Thai temples!

Thailand may be a very cosmopolitan city with people of all over the world thronging, and all kinds of crazy things happening. But, when it comes to the temples at the Grand Palace in Bangkok the scene is very different. Women cannot wear sleeveless tops or short pants/3-quarters. I guess the same rule applies with men as well. I saw many men and women wearing palazzos and sarongs respectively that they hired from outside the temples. Crazy, isn't it?

Krabi - in and around

Through my lens!

At Ao Nang beach

Waiting to go island hopping on one of these boats!

Information centre

Heading towards the boat... Joy and Aanya leading...

The sail has just begun...

I don't know how I captured this... it just happened!

Walking in the middle of the ocean!

Walking from one island to another! Tub Island

Chilling at the Tub Island

Chicken Island... looks more like ostrich!

I spot a turtle there!

Poda Island

Heading to another island

Eateries at the Phra Nang Beach

The Phallus Shrine at the Phra Nang Beach

The caves around the Phra Nang Beach