Sunday, 30 December 2012

2012 is ending...

The one thing I really wished for was peace and happiness in this seemingly chaotic and unpredictable world when I wrote my new year post early January this year. Sadly, through the year, in spite of many highs on the personal front, several unfortunate incidents happened all around the world, and all of those affected me deeply. The young Delhi girl who was brutally tortured only to die was no friend of mine, but her death has a deep impact on me, and I know the dent that has formed will take a long time to fill. Every time I muster some courage to get on with life something bad happens, and I am back to square one. I often wonder how will I bring up my daughter, what values do I pass on? No, that’s not the exact question… I am worried about how will I keep my daughter safe, and yet, give her a reasonably independent life? I am sure that most Indian mothers with young daughters have this question on their minds at this very moment!

Protests, debates, candle light march, interviews… they all happen, but cruelty towards people just keeps going on and on and on. Today, in spite of all the good and the bad things happening around the world, I am living my life just like any other day; just that I am a little more shaken inside.

Tomorrow when I celebrate the coming of the new year with my family and friends I will be a little unsure about what to expect of the coming year. One thing that I am sure going to pray for is safety for my immediate family first and then everybody else. With such amount of filth in the society who knows if my family becomes the next victim!

Monday, 10 December 2012

What not to wear - Thai temples!

Thailand may be a very cosmopolitan city with people of all over the world thronging, and all kinds of crazy things happening. But, when it comes to the temples at the Grand Palace in Bangkok the scene is very different. Women cannot wear sleeveless tops or short pants/3-quarters. I guess the same rule applies with men as well. I saw many men and women wearing palazzos and sarongs respectively that they hired from outside the temples. Crazy, isn't it?

Krabi - in and around

Through my lens!

At Ao Nang beach

Waiting to go island hopping on one of these boats!

Information centre

Heading towards the boat... Joy and Aanya leading...

The sail has just begun...

I don't know how I captured this... it just happened!

Walking in the middle of the ocean!

Walking from one island to another! Tub Island

Chilling at the Tub Island

Chicken Island... looks more like ostrich!

I spot a turtle there!

Poda Island

Heading to another island

Eateries at the Phra Nang Beach

The Phallus Shrine at the Phra Nang Beach

The caves around the Phra Nang Beach

Monday, 26 November 2012

Diwali decorations!

I don't celebrate Diwali as such, but I like the idea of lights and decoration everywhere. Mumbai literally dresses up during Diwali. This year I decorated my house a bit as I wanted Aanya to know what Diwali is. Had I not fallen ill I would've done a lot more. I also want her to understand and appreciate the need to recycle things and value all that she has. Hence, most of the decorations at our home were reused, like the diyas, streamers etc. or recycled. 

I made paper diyas from some lovely paper I had at home. Here's one below!

I am not too fond of electric lights that most people put up in houses. I love the conventional diyas. But this year the problem was about safety. I couldn't put any diya where Aanya could reach. So, Joy stretched outside the ledge in the living room and placed the diyas, and kept reoiling them too! I stood on the ledge to take the pic below!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Recycled toy holder

I love cane baskets to keep things, and I planned to buy a big basket for my daughter to keep her toys in them. While cleaning up the house I found a lot of cardboard boxes lying around, and one of the boxes gave me an idea. I believe in recycling, and I spend a lot of time recycling different kinds of things. I didn't realise when this became a hobby. 

I pulled out the scanner-printer carton and cut the top flaps and it was ready to use. Initially I thought of putting colourful paper and pictures to make the box look nice. Later I decided to paste my 2 year old daughter's beautiful drawings to adorn the box. This I felt would make her toy holder look very unique and she'll enjoy using it. 

This is what it looks like!

This box may not last too long. But, this post will bring back childhood memories to my daughter when she grows up!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Kasab dead... is justice served?

Today as I read this I remember that night I was glued to the tv just hoping and praying that the terrorists are caught and life in Mumbai gets to normal. Later in the morning I fell off to sleep for some time only to suddenly wake up to the sound of the tv. The news of the dead made me shudder inside. I still remember some of the faces of people who either lost a family member or just survived by luck.

Four years have passed. Everybody has moved on in life, and so have I. But i know that I am not the same person I used to be. I live in fear of death every single day. No matter how hard I try the fear inside me is intact. I think I'm scared of losing someone dear rather than fearing about myself.

Ajmal Kasab is finally dead. Finally the martyrs and those who died on that fateful day rest in peace. Judgement is done. Just that people like me need to know of many more criminals' deaths to live in peace.

For the record, Ajmal Kasab's execution is believed to be the second quickest in India. Considering that the second quickest execution took almost 4 years I am not sure whether I should be happy or utterly astonished. 

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Here we go again... Thailand calling!

I dream of travelling almost all the time, but the dreams don't come true that often. After a wait of 4 years Joy and I, along with our darling daughter are making an international trip! This trip is special as this is my baby's first time abroad. Also, this is going to be a family trip to celebrate my in-laws' 40th marriage anniversary!  We are going to Bangkok and Krabi in Thailand (one of my travel dream destinations) early December.

Updates will follow as I return from the trip. I am not the kind to update on twitter and blogs on the move as I don't like to miss a thing when there is so much to see, learn and know.

We are also going to Kolkata during the 3rd week of December, and will be there for Christmas and New Years. When the world is predicted to end around that time we sure are an adventurous lot to be travelling just during that week! Probably for once we'd mean what we keep saying, "live for the moment"!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My tribute to a genius called Jagjit Singh

Last year on September 24 I heard on the television that Jagjit Singh was hospitalised after suffering brain haemmorage, and in the next few days the news only got gloomier. On October 10 he passed away. He created a void in the music world, especially in the ghazal singing fraternity; he also created a void in my life. I haven't had the privilege of knowing him, nor even meeting him, yet I felt a huge loss in my heart. I guess that's what the 'greats' do. Through their works they become a part of your life, your world!

I was introduced to Jagjit Singh's music at home. I was about 7, when there used be endless small, informal parties at my place. There was always good food and drinks, and a lot of music. In most of those sessions Jagjit and Chitra Singh's music was played as their music was everyone's favourite! This was life for me and my family and friends and it went on. One day we heard about the death of Jagjit and Chitra Singh's son, and soon we realised that Chitra Singh would no longer sing. Like typical Bengalis, who like to discuss everything (almost), they discussed the tragic death, Chitra Singh's absence from singing etc. 

Many years passed and I had moved on to listening to more western music than Indian. It was just by chance that  I met a few people while I lived in Hyderabad, who quite unknowingly and unintentionally got me back into the world of Jagjit Singh's ghazals; and, this time I guess I became a more intense fan.

I've had the privilege of attending two of his concerts in Hyderabad, and what musical treats they were! The man was a genius! I remember the second concert that I went for, he was not well, but one couldn't tell! He was at his best throughout! We refer to him as a singer, a ghazal maestro, but what is hardly spoken about him is that of his performance style. It is rare that a singer from a serious genre of music entertaining the crowd while performing at the highest level. Most Indian classical and semi classical artists sit with a tanpura or a harmonium and sing and talk about the songs or the ragas only. Jagjit Singh would crack a joke and get back to singing some of the most difficult notes without any effort, leaving the audience spellbound!

Today, on his first death anniversary, I pray to the almighty that He keeps our dear Jagjit Singhji safe and happy. His genius is irreplaceable, but I do hope that there will be enough talent to keep his legacy going.

These 2 tickets are a part of my most treasured possessions! In fact, I went to Viceroy (now Marriott) in Hyderabad all by myself to watch this concert! It was a bit awkward to sit all alone amidst so many people around, but as the evening progressed with one gem after another I became one with the music around me. "Badi nashili raat thi..."

Monday, 8 October 2012

The grind begins - school admissions!

I picked up Anushka's 1st school admission form today... I said 1st as I'll have to pick up many more so that she gets a seat in one of the good schools! It is not easy to get your child in one of the top schools in the city unless you are quite rich or famous or both! Joy and I are none! But, we will do our best to get Anushka in one among the 4 schools I have shortlisted. They are counted among the best in the whole of Mumbai and the most preferred and sought after in the Western suburbs of Mumbai. I don't know who needs more luck, Anushka or me? But in all of these tense moments, it is such a wonderful feeling that my baby is soon going to go to school! :)

Friday, 17 August 2012

Anushka turns 2!

I have been planning this day for a few months. There have been nights when I was awake, and thinking of all the things that we'd do on our little one's birthday. I believe in doing things myself, and that becomes quite a challenge often, like putting streamers, balloons etc. I had no idea that putting streamers along the edges of the ceiling can be such a task! I spent many hours planning how to put them, and imagined for a few more hours as to how will they look like, but my planning failed completely because of the shape of the room, the fans etc! Thank God, Joy was such a sport and my mother-in-law was around to help!

I wanted the birthday to be a simple one, but it had to have all the fun elements. Visiting Sneha Sadan is no plan, it has become a part of our lives. Even before I conceived Anushka, Joy and I had decided that we will visit either an orphanage or an old age home for her birthday, and also have a regular get together with family and friends. It was just by chance we got to know about Sneha Sadan right before Anushka's 1st birthday and we visited there. We didn't have to think or plan anything after meeting everyone; without saying anything Joy and I knew that it is this lovely home that we will visit whenever we want to! In the 1 year we have built a bond with the children and the sisters, and they will always be a part of our lives.

We went to Sneha Sadan in the afternoon as we organised lunch for them. The children decided what they wanted to eat and accordingly, food was ordered. I'm not too keen that Anushka cuts a cake at Sneha Sadan as I don't want to remind the children another time that they don't have parents to take care of them. I know their pain and hurt and regret can never be reduced, but I don't want too add to what's already there. So, the plan was to have another 2 children whose birhdays were in August too to cut the cake along with Anushka... everyone cheered and sang , and it was such a beautiful moment! I hope my Anushka grows up to cherish these extra ordinary moments.

There was an early evening get together with family, and some of my students who Anushka just loves! Anushka loves ducks, her bath time mates! So, Joy suggested that we have a duck shaped cake. After a lot of research we decided on  a Donald Duck cake from Birdy's (our favourite cake shop). It goes without saying that the cake was heavenly to taste!

I always wanted to play the piano while singing the birthday song for my family, but that never happened, and another 1st time experience in my life happened with Anushka!

Here's the video!

Anushka participated during a game of passing-the-parcel by moving her hands and legs, as if she was dancing, while the music played! I think she loves gifting people; that was one thing she thoroughly enjoyed... giving away the return gifts!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Four years of blogging and the Olympics!

I started blogging 4 years ago the day Abhinav Bindra won the first individual gold medal at the Beijing Olympics. I was so happy that my country got a place at the medals tally with a gold medal that I wanted to do something, and I dared to step into blogging! The past 4 years I have blogged about a variety of things that touched my heart, and today I am writing this post as many Indian athletes have touched my heart and their achievements make me happy.

To start with, what a lovely way to mark the last day of Olympics 2012... wrestler Sushil Kumar scripted history in Indian sports by winning medals in 2 consecutive Olympics! My favourites, Saina Nehwal and Mary Kom created history too! I am sure these 2 women will continue to play exceedingly well and make us all proud for a long time to come! Parupalli Kashyap was such a surprise at the Olympics this time! If he continues to play like this then the day isn't far when he too will bag an Olympic medal too! Vijay Kumar, another unsung hero, got a sliver medal - how many of us knew him before he won the medal? Through the 2 weeks there were so many highs, many really disheartening moments, some really disappointing moments, but on the whole, India has done a pretty good job this time at the Olympics. 6 individual medals in 1 Olympics is definitely a fairly encouraging thought. Who knows we may double it up at Rio in 2016! 

Monday, 23 July 2012

A new beginning!

One of my new students in one of the schools (not mentioning the name) is autistic. I know a little about autism, but this was the first time I met anyone with the condition. Though it was difficult to get his attention at the start, and make him play the piano; however, towards the end of the session he showed me the middle C on the piano and responded when I called his name. I felt it was a good start!

This school has quite a few children with various difficulties, and weak motor skills is the most common. Some of these children come to the music class, and respond quite well. And, when they are given a little extra attention they play correct notes on the piano! But this autistic boy's condition is a little bad, though he is good at math!

I always wanted to work with differently abled children, but I did not have the courage to do so mainly because of lack of training and experience.  Life, however, has presented me with this wonderful opportunity to prove to myself whether I can really do something to make a difference to those children who are a little different from most of us! 

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

London Olympics 2012

Olympics 2012  is just 10 days away, and how much do the Indians know about the Indian contingent who are going to paricipate at the London games? There has been bits and pieces in the newspapers about some of the participants for some time now, and suddenly, there are write-ups about quite a few of the participants in the past week or so. There is a little on television as well, thanks to the sponsors! But, the excitement that gets built during the IPL matches or the regular cricket matches or the European football tournaments, there's almost nothing for the Olympics, sad isn't it?

The tiff between Lee and Hesh made headlines for many days; hoping it is kinda sorted now! Wonder how will Sania Mirza perform at the Olympics! She is more of a star than a real player!

Last Olympics, at Beijing, some Indians made us hugely proud. Abhinav Bindra brought home the 1st individual gold medal!  Sushil Kumar and Vijender Singh's bronze medals did encourage many to take up boxing and wrestling! 

Over the 4 years I have come to know a little about a few sports people, like, Mary Kom, Krishna Poonia, Ngangbam Soniya Chanu and a few others.

India is particpating in 13 categories. I know about all the 6 badminton players and most of the boxers... wow! I can be quizzed on them; I completely admire Mary Kom! Some of the shooters, besides Abhinav Bindra and Gagan Narang, have become famous like Ronjan Singh and Sodhi Rahi Sarnobat. Among the ace archers brother-sister duo Rahul and Dola Banerjee, Dola will be missed! Do we know Garima Choudhary will represent Indian as only Indian judoka to qualify for the upcoming London Olympics. I didn't know what judoka was till a couple of weeks ago!

The Indian sports fraternity needs more support. There isn't much difference from the last Olympics till now. The Indian Government is so deeply immersed in scams and mismanagement  that there is no time left to concentrate on sports (other than cricket of course!). It is only because of some sports enthusiasts that there is a significant improvement in quality and facility in the past 4 years.

Through this post I am wishing Team India all the very best! My favourites are Saina Nehwal, Abhinav Bindra and Mary Kom, but I am going to cheer for everyone in the team. May the medals shower on the Indians at the London Olympics!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Recycling audio cassettes

Audio cassettes are obsolete and are never going to make a comeback, I think. But, there are so many memories attached to those cassettes. Most of us have grown up listening to music on cassettes. Since recording music from one cassette to another was easy, many of us had our own personalised music albums.

With the newer technology for listening to music there is just no use of cassettes in our lives anymore, but to throw away such memories really hurts. I still have some of the cassettes that contain the compilations I had made several years ago. In fact, I threw away a few just a few months ago, and my heart broke! 

Just yesterday I was reading something on the Goonj site and while going through their recycles products catalogue I found that purses and folders that are made out of audio cassettes. What a lovely idea! 

This is how a folder made from audio cassettes looks like! There are other products, such as, pouches, wallets available as well. Find them at:

The few cassettes that I still have will go to a great place to get recycled, and I am not going to be upset anymore!

I googled a little to find out about products made by recycling audio cassettes and I found this video quite interesting. Here it is :)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Anushka at 21 months!

My Anushka completed 21 months today! 18 months to now have been such a lovely journey, so many 1st times to add to the baby book! She started walking rather late, and while we were still worrying if there was some problem in her muscle development or anything else she almost started running the day she turned 18 months. And from that day on, I am running after her! She dances every time she listens to her favourite melodies; hums along with me when she is in a  mood; but most importantly, she always identifies any video or ad film she likes on tv or the computer!

Her (vocal) vocabulary improved quite a bit, but her gestures improved drastically! With about 16-17 words she can utter she explains almost everything to us with her hand gestures! She has a very strong mind of her own already! Her naw (no) can be heard quite distinctly every time she doesn't want to do something! Her yes is usually an 'uh' or a 'haan'. Her 'didu', Bengali for maternal grand mom is 'dzoo', and my mother just doesn't have a choice but respond to that!

I am trying to remember all that happened through these 3 months, but it's so difficult to list so many things. Oh yes, she can solve jigsaw puzzles that are recommended for children who are 2+. She can't completely insert the puzzle pieces inside the slot, but she never puts any wrong piece in any slot. If I am sounding a little proud I must be excused; I am just too excited... mothers with young children will understand me for sure! 

She ate her first pasta in tomato base, half moon-shaped chicken cutlets, fish-shaped fish cutlets; her favourite was a fish cutlet that looked like a face that had eyes made with peas and the nose and mouth were made using tomato slices! Well, I cooked all these especially for her. I never took much interest in cooking before! 

Though there are many new developments some of the old habits still exist. She very strongly dislikes her pediatrician, though he is one of the nicest doctors I have met; she still takes several hours to have her dinner, the sleep time is as bad as ever no matter how hard I try. But in spite of all the crazy things she does that makes me sometimes want to just give up and cry 'cause my body and mind just can't take the stress, she still keeps me going. Becoming a mother at 35 is not always an easy thing if one is not physically fit, and I am not. I have quite a few health problems, body ache being the worst of them all. But after becoming Anushka's mother I think I can run a marathon someday!

P.S. Anushka's father got her a book and a set of puzzles for her 21st 'monthly' birthday! :)

Here's the video where she works on her puzzles!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

It was a lovely evening of music, dance and poetry at the Lokhandwala Garden to celebrate Poila Baishakh and Rabindra Jayanti; two very special days for Bengalis. Many Bengalis from Andheri to Kandivali gathered here to be a part of this 'Bonghomie'!

It's been 16 years since I last performed Rabindrasangeet on stage, and I thoroughly enjoyed singing. Also, I wore a Dhakai saree, a first-time ever! This evening was special as I have missed not singing all these years, plus I performed with my father  for the first time! 

My father, Ranjan Mitra, was the first Bengali, if not the first Indian, to have cut western music albums (in 33 rpm) with HMV back in the early 70's. He was a regular performer back in the day, and sang with many prominent musicians including Louiz Banks! Besides singing he loves playing the harmonica. It was wonderful accompanying him on stage today!

Another high this evening - my daughter Anushka sang 'tata-tata' the moment she heard 'Mamo Chitte Niti Nritte'! We were pleasantly surprised as to how she instantly recognised the song that she occasionally heard at home, and she is only 20 months! 

 One of the youngest in the audience!

It'll be great if all 3 of us perform together one day. It's not very common to see 3 generations performing together!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Anushka singing?!

Anushka may still be too small to sing, but she looks as though she is! By the way, these days she hums along with me , of course, when she is in the mood for it!

Saturday, 31 March 2012

I wrote this 7 months ago. My first dream of watching a live concert of Whitney Houston performing is gone forever. Life is all about going on; so, I am going to go on. I hope I get to realise some of my other dreams someday...

Monday, 26 March 2012

Karaoke and me!

I love singing and I just need a small audience to get started! I haven't been singing professionally for many years though, but I have always enjoyed karaoke sessions. While I was in Hyderabad I was quite a regular at 10 Downing Street and Bottles and Chimneys (BnC). In fact, I was karaoke jockey (KJ) at 10D for a few weeks.

My first karaoke experience was at an event at the Ice Skating Rink in Calcutta back in the mid 90's when most people didn't even know what karaoke was! I was the host cum emcee. It was a lot of fun and through the 5 days of the event I made quite a few friends. This networking helped me get some more shows later, though back in the day I sang with bands mostly.

Here's a pic of one of the karaoke nights at the Saturday Club in Calcutta.

Singing at the Karaoke Superstar Competition at 10 Downing Street in Hyderabad

I was runners up and I won a lot of goodies which included a blackberry phone!

One of the events at BnC... I won here too!

In Mumbai I have been to Not Just Jazz By The Bay and Soul Fry a couple of times, but Hyderabad joints were fun; probably because of the familiar setting. Though I wish to go out a little more in Mumbai to get familiar with the people here I just don't manage to do so, thanks to the little wonder I have at home! 

Sunday, 11 March 2012

It's exactly a month today, Whitney Houston passed away. It's still so hard to accept such a loss. During this period I read so much more about her, listened to some of my favourite songs, and kept lamenting that my dream of meeting her in person will never happen.

Last night Joy gifted an online copy of the Now magazine which has the entire edition on Whitney. It was so lovely to see the amount of love and admiration she got in her life! It's sad that in India people hardly knew her; even the newspapers and a few news channels just did their bare minimum to pay tribute to her. I don't remember if the Indian media took much interest in her in the last 10 years or so, but suddenly after her death there were suddenly waves of information coming out about her! One journalist in his tribute wrote that Whitney popularised classic and gospel music! Her death was compared to Guru Dutt's by a very popular site; I didn't understand the connection!

Why am I even getting into this! There are just too many jokers in this world, and they need not be given a lot of importance. The fact remains and will always remain, I loved Whitney Houston's voice, her songs, and yes, I loved her for the lovely person she was. One doesn't need to know a person to love. She may have left the earth, but her legacy will carry on. The only diva, a true icon, Whitney Houston... you will always be missed...

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Whitney Houston, I will always love you!

Last night I was up very late, trying to sleep. I was humming Whitney Houston's 'Greatest Love of All' and remembering how beautifully she hits those high notes, something I'd never ever be able to, so effortlessly. I woke up late this morning and had to rush a little as there was someone expected to come over. I wore a long top and a pair of leggings without actually looking at the combination; they were both black and I usually don't wear all black! When the lady left I just casually changed the tv channels only to hear that my Demigoddess was no more! Was I sensing something... I don't know! I was shocked, completely speechless, I didn't cry! I am still not crying but I am weeping inside...

I am not going to tell everyone what a wonderful singer she was (writing was hits me very hard!) or anything about her as a performer because the world knows it all. What the world doesn't know is how much I have always loved her. I heard her first in 1988 when I was 13 years old and I have grown listening to her. I have so many times pretended to be her, and sang her songs in the bathroom and thought I was just like her! I dared to sing her songs on stage just a few times and always realised after each performance how pathetic I was to even attempt her songs. She was a Demigoddess and you cannot reach or touch a Demigoddess!

The only artist I dreamt to see perform live was she. When I was really young I used to dream of sharing the same stage with her. With her gone, my dreams are gone forever.

My daughter was barely a month old when one day she was crying endlessly, and nothing could comfort her. My husband played 'I Look To You' and my baby was quiet immediately. When she was about two and half months, one evening, she heard the song  four and a half times before she stopped crying, and gradually fell off to sleepLater, every time she cried like crazy we'd play the song, and Whitney's angelic voice would do the magic!  

Whitney has had a  great, yet a very difficult life. While she enthralled her fans with her music she suffered deep within. Her untimely death is shocking and the cause of her death is still not known. 

"She has gone from the earth to a better place I know... I hear the gentle voices calling Whitney Elizabeth Houston...."

May her soul rest in peace...

Friday, 27 January 2012

Ummeed waali dhoop, sunshine waali aasha...

After a great day yesterday I woke up this morning in horror when my sister called to say they were trapped in  fire in the building. I am still getting goose bumps while writing! She sounded so helpless, yet worried as to how will I come with my little baby! I literally pulled Anushka from sleep, took some cash, mobile and the house keys and ran out of the house when I met a neighbor who dropped me till my parents' building. My 5 minute drive was scary. I managed to call the police helpline who confirmed that the fire engines reached the building which was some sort of a comfort, but I was still worried about my parents. 

When I reached the spot it was such a relief to find that things were under control; and everyone was safe. Sadly, my parents and sister had a tough and scary time as no one informed them about the fire, and when they realised that there was a lot of smoke outside they couldn't go down, instead they had to rush to the terrace. Since there was no one around they were obviously very scared, and in great difficulty they managed to go to the other wing of the building crossing water tanks! It was everyone's great luck that the fire could be extinguished rather quickly as the fire officers acted fast. But thinking about the whole thing was so scary that we were unable to brush it off our system! Need less to say that the Mumbai buildings need to be a lot more organised!

The whole day went off, but we all felt the strain till suddenly my 17 month old wonder broke into a little dance  with her wobbly legs as she listened to the new Coke tv commercial. We just couldn't help laughing watching her, and for the next 30 minutes or so we kept playing the video on YouTube and watched Anushka dance to it! How children can bring relief to our lives when we least expect. And, what a wonderful tv ad this one is... 

"Ummeed waali dhoop, sunshine waali aasha
Rone ki wajah hai kam, hansne ke bahane zyada
Zidd hai muskuraayenge
Khush rehne ka hai waada..."

I wish and pray that there is sunshine in everyones lives!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Being Mrs. Roy for 10 years!

Joy and I celebrated our 10th marriage anniversary today, and it was our 14th of being in each others lives! We committed ourselves to this relationship on January 26, 1998, and we decided to get married on the same date whenever we were ready to get married. After 4 years we married on the same date but the catch was that this day was not an auspicious date according to the Hindu calender that particular year. Hence, we had our registration of marriage on this day and had a so called social wedding on February 1. Through the 10 years both sides of the family realised and shifted from wishing us from February 1 to January 26!

It was a dinner get together at Mainland China with a part of the family and close friends this evening. Sadly, most of the family lives in Kolkata and we missed them sorely! Nonetheless, we had a great time! The highlight of the evening was that I had my closest and dearest friend along with her husband and daughter in the celebration! 

I have been very nostalgic the last few days, remembering many things, some great things, some not so great; yet, everything felt good! There have been major transitions in my life through the 10 years. But now, while I am writing this and thinking back, I feel everything has been worth it being Mrs. Roy!  

Here are the  Anniversary pics!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

And so this is 2012...

Another year got over and a new one has just begun! 2012 is the year that I have been waiting for 3 years now. This year both my parents and in-laws complete 40 years of being together in marriage; Joy and I complete 10 years of marriage; my favourite cousin turns 18; Olympics in July, a few vacations planned, one can be international too; and a few more things to make 2012 a year to remember!

About 2011, it has been extra ordinary as I have lived almost every waking moment with my baby! I have experienced the joy of watching my little one grow! I felt special, I couldn't have asked for more from life...

To everyone, I wish a great 2012! May there be peace and happiness in this seemingly chaotic and unpredictable world.