Monday, 23 July 2012

A new beginning!

One of my new students in one of the schools (not mentioning the name) is autistic. I know a little about autism, but this was the first time I met anyone with the condition. Though it was difficult to get his attention at the start, and make him play the piano; however, towards the end of the session he showed me the middle C on the piano and responded when I called his name. I felt it was a good start!

This school has quite a few children with various difficulties, and weak motor skills is the most common. Some of these children come to the music class, and respond quite well. And, when they are given a little extra attention they play correct notes on the piano! But this autistic boy's condition is a little bad, though he is good at math!

I always wanted to work with differently abled children, but I did not have the courage to do so mainly because of lack of training and experience.  Life, however, has presented me with this wonderful opportunity to prove to myself whether I can really do something to make a difference to those children who are a little different from most of us! 

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