Tuesday, 17 July 2012

London Olympics 2012

Olympics 2012  is just 10 days away, and how much do the Indians know about the Indian contingent who are going to paricipate at the London games? There has been bits and pieces in the newspapers about some of the participants for some time now, and suddenly, there are write-ups about quite a few of the participants in the past week or so. There is a little on television as well, thanks to the sponsors! But, the excitement that gets built during the IPL matches or the regular cricket matches or the European football tournaments, there's almost nothing for the Olympics, sad isn't it?

The tiff between Lee and Hesh made headlines for many days; hoping it is kinda sorted now! Wonder how will Sania Mirza perform at the Olympics! She is more of a star than a real player!

Last Olympics, at Beijing, some Indians made us hugely proud. Abhinav Bindra brought home the 1st individual gold medal!  Sushil Kumar and Vijender Singh's bronze medals did encourage many to take up boxing and wrestling! 

Over the 4 years I have come to know a little about a few sports people, like, Mary Kom, Krishna Poonia, Ngangbam Soniya Chanu and a few others.

India is particpating in 13 categories. I know about all the 6 badminton players and most of the boxers... wow! I can be quizzed on them; I completely admire Mary Kom! Some of the shooters, besides Abhinav Bindra and Gagan Narang, have become famous like Ronjan Singh and Sodhi Rahi Sarnobat. Among the ace archers brother-sister duo Rahul and Dola Banerjee, Dola will be missed! Do we know Garima Choudhary will represent Indian as only Indian judoka to qualify for the upcoming London Olympics. I didn't know what judoka was till a couple of weeks ago!

The Indian sports fraternity needs more support. There isn't much difference from the last Olympics till now. The Indian Government is so deeply immersed in scams and mismanagement  that there is no time left to concentrate on sports (other than cricket of course!). It is only because of some sports enthusiasts that there is a significant improvement in quality and facility in the past 4 years.

Through this post I am wishing Team India all the very best! My favourites are Saina Nehwal, Abhinav Bindra and Mary Kom, but I am going to cheer for everyone in the team. May the medals shower on the Indians at the London Olympics!

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Adhiraj said...

Well said!! Though the response is not evident, I'm sure that this article does echo the feelings of our fellow Indians (me included!). Its just that they don't make the effort to write about it. Well done!!