Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Recycling audio cassettes

Audio cassettes are obsolete and are never going to make a comeback, I think. But, there are so many memories attached to those cassettes. Most of us have grown up listening to music on cassettes. Since recording music from one cassette to another was easy, many of us had our own personalised music albums.

With the newer technology for listening to music there is just no use of cassettes in our lives anymore, but to throw away such memories really hurts. I still have some of the cassettes that contain the compilations I had made several years ago. In fact, I threw away a few just a few months ago, and my heart broke! 

Just yesterday I was reading something on the Goonj site and while going through their recycles products catalogue I found that purses and folders that are made out of audio cassettes. What a lovely idea! 

This is how a folder made from audio cassettes looks like! There are other products, such as, pouches, wallets available as well. Find them at:

The few cassettes that I still have will go to a great place to get recycled, and I am not going to be upset anymore!

I googled a little to find out about products made by recycling audio cassettes and I found this video quite interesting. Here it is :)

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