Saturday, 21 August 2010

Anushka - Aanya... the joy of our life!

Our little princess arrived rather suddenly on August 15, bringing with her all the joys of the world. She is a little premature, quite obvious, but she is full of life already. I can't wait to bring her home!

Looking back, the first two days weren't easy. Staying away from the new born, not getting to see her at all... I was fortunate to see her for a few seconds right after her birth, thanks to the modern day surgeries where one is not made unconscious. Though I had a very comfortable delivery with no labour pain, practically no pain in the surgery process besides a few pin pricks, the pain of staying away from my little one was unbearable. She was taken to the NICU from the OT.

I went to see her on the third day and I couldn't hold back my tears. Though the doctors constantly told me that she was fine and it was only because she was under weight that she was staying at the NICU, I wasn't convinced. I kept feeling that it must have been that I had done wrong during pregnancy that my baby is suffering. It took me a couple of days more to understand and accept that baby was  doing fine.

Yesterday, I took her in my arms for the first time! I don't think I can explain in words how it felt but I know all mothers will know how I felt. I have started feeding her, another high in my life!

It's a new beginning in my life, and I have set sails in this wonderful voyage of motherhood....

By the way, she is Aanya to the family and close friends, and Anushka for the rest of the world!

Here are just a few of the countless memorable moments - 

Friday, 20 August 2010