Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Childhood travel dreams and memories!

My husband went to my Kolkata home a couple of days ago and I wanted him to bring some of my old books from there. While packing the books he had no idea what he was bringing, and what pleasure will I get out of one of the books. When I started unpacking the bag I found my first atlas. It was bought probably when I was in class four or five, a few centuries ago (kidding, I am not that old!), and I can't believe that I still have it! This is the twenty fifth edition of The Oxford School Atlas, and is not quite relevant in today's times as the maps have The U.S.S.R., West Germany and East Germany in them. But, this particular map above is a special one as this is where my dreams of visiting Europe began.

While learning the names of the countires and their capital cities I used to quietly tell myself that I will visit these countries someday. My first attractions were Italy and Sicily probably because of their shapes.  At the age of thirteen I guess that was a good way to choose favourites! My father taught me that Italy was the boot and Silcily was the football. 

While going through the pages of the atlas a lot of memories came alive. It was fun to note that I have visited six countries in Europe already, and my dreams are still alive to visit the boot and the football!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Worcaholic… who?!

Someone who works very hard with a lot of passion is supposed to be a workaholic. Please note, the word is referred to people working at work places only. It is okay to shun your personal life and the responsibilities attached with it if one is a workaholic. In fact, it is a matter of pride to be one. What will you call someone who works like crazy at home, as in, household work, taking care of family, home, the garden, etc? A maniac? Why is there a discrimination?

I know many people who hardly work at office, but spend a lot of time pretending to work, and they are often referred to as workaholics! There are some more that bring home work and spend a lot of the work time on blogs, facebook, twitter etc, but they are those famous (read infamous) workaholics! Those housewives, retired people who love their homes and take extra care of their household are hardly given any credit, and are hardly appreciated. An aunt is often asked to consult a psychiatrist because she cleans her house several times a day because she loves a neat and clean house. She is not a proud workaholic, but a maniac! Isn’t that funny??