Sunday, 25 November 2012

Recycled toy holder

I love cane baskets to keep things, and I planned to buy a big basket for my daughter to keep her toys in them. While cleaning up the house I found a lot of cardboard boxes lying around, and one of the boxes gave me an idea. I believe in recycling, and I spend a lot of time recycling different kinds of things. I didn't realise when this became a hobby. 

I pulled out the scanner-printer carton and cut the top flaps and it was ready to use. Initially I thought of putting colourful paper and pictures to make the box look nice. Later I decided to paste my 2 year old daughter's beautiful drawings to adorn the box. This I felt would make her toy holder look very unique and she'll enjoy using it. 

This is what it looks like!

This box may not last too long. But, this post will bring back childhood memories to my daughter when she grows up!

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Pinky Says said...

I love cane baskets too but it's so expensive in the cities. It's 3 times more than what it costs in Assam but so tough to carry it all the way from there. :) Yeah am sure it will be wonderful memories for her once she grows up and sees all your posts.