Thursday, 22 November 2012

Kasab dead... is justice served?

Today as I read this I remember that night I was glued to the tv just hoping and praying that the terrorists are caught and life in Mumbai gets to normal. Later in the morning I fell off to sleep for some time only to suddenly wake up to the sound of the tv. The news of the dead made me shudder inside. I still remember some of the faces of people who either lost a family member or just survived by luck.

Four years have passed. Everybody has moved on in life, and so have I. But i know that I am not the same person I used to be. I live in fear of death every single day. No matter how hard I try the fear inside me is intact. I think I'm scared of losing someone dear rather than fearing about myself.

Ajmal Kasab is finally dead. Finally the martyrs and those who died on that fateful day rest in peace. Judgement is done. Just that people like me need to know of many more criminals' deaths to live in peace.

For the record, Ajmal Kasab's execution is believed to be the second quickest in India. Considering that the second quickest execution took almost 4 years I am not sure whether I should be happy or utterly astonished. 

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Pinky Says said...

Well I have mixed feelings too. Coz I feel he was just a pawn and the real masterminds are still at large somewhere. I dont support what he has done but wonder whether hanging him is the solution. There will be several Kasabs being created. Ah well how do you get to the root of terrorism and hatred and fanaticism....questions questions answers