Monday, 26 November 2012

Diwali decorations!

I don't celebrate Diwali as such, but I like the idea of lights and decoration everywhere. Mumbai literally dresses up during Diwali. This year I decorated my house a bit as I wanted Aanya to know what Diwali is. Had I not fallen ill I would've done a lot more. I also want her to understand and appreciate the need to recycle things and value all that she has. Hence, most of the decorations at our home were reused, like the diyas, streamers etc. or recycled. 

I made paper diyas from some lovely paper I had at home. Here's one below!

I am not too fond of electric lights that most people put up in houses. I love the conventional diyas. But this year the problem was about safety. I couldn't put any diya where Aanya could reach. So, Joy stretched outside the ledge in the living room and placed the diyas, and kept reoiling them too! I stood on the ledge to take the pic below!

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