Friday, 27 January 2012

Ummeed waali dhoop, sunshine waali aasha...

After a great day yesterday I woke up this morning in horror when my sister called to say they were trapped in  fire in the building. I am still getting goose bumps while writing! She sounded so helpless, yet worried as to how will I come with my little baby! I literally pulled Anushka from sleep, took some cash, mobile and the house keys and ran out of the house when I met a neighbor who dropped me till my parents' building. My 5 minute drive was scary. I managed to call the police helpline who confirmed that the fire engines reached the building which was some sort of a comfort, but I was still worried about my parents. 

When I reached the spot it was such a relief to find that things were under control; and everyone was safe. Sadly, my parents and sister had a tough and scary time as no one informed them about the fire, and when they realised that there was a lot of smoke outside they couldn't go down, instead they had to rush to the terrace. Since there was no one around they were obviously very scared, and in great difficulty they managed to go to the other wing of the building crossing water tanks! It was everyone's great luck that the fire could be extinguished rather quickly as the fire officers acted fast. But thinking about the whole thing was so scary that we were unable to brush it off our system! Need less to say that the Mumbai buildings need to be a lot more organised!

The whole day went off, but we all felt the strain till suddenly my 17 month old wonder broke into a little dance  with her wobbly legs as she listened to the new Coke tv commercial. We just couldn't help laughing watching her, and for the next 30 minutes or so we kept playing the video on YouTube and watched Anushka dance to it! How children can bring relief to our lives when we least expect. And, what a wonderful tv ad this one is... 

"Ummeed waali dhoop, sunshine waali aasha
Rone ki wajah hai kam, hansne ke bahane zyada
Zidd hai muskuraayenge
Khush rehne ka hai waada..."

I wish and pray that there is sunshine in everyones lives!


Material Girl said...

What a scary thing to happen... thankfully everyone was safe... and what a nice way to end the post :D

Chandrima Roy said...

Thanks Ambica! I'm happy that you visited my blog and left a note! :)