Thursday, 26 January 2012

Being Mrs. Roy for 10 years!

Joy and I celebrated our 10th marriage anniversary today, and it was our 14th of being in each others lives! We committed ourselves to this relationship on January 26, 1998, and we decided to get married on the same date whenever we were ready to get married. After 4 years we married on the same date but the catch was that this day was not an auspicious date according to the Hindu calender that particular year. Hence, we had our registration of marriage on this day and had a so called social wedding on February 1. Through the 10 years both sides of the family realised and shifted from wishing us from February 1 to January 26!

It was a dinner get together at Mainland China with a part of the family and close friends this evening. Sadly, most of the family lives in Kolkata and we missed them sorely! Nonetheless, we had a great time! The highlight of the evening was that I had my closest and dearest friend along with her husband and daughter in the celebration! 

I have been very nostalgic the last few days, remembering many things, some great things, some not so great; yet, everything felt good! There have been major transitions in my life through the 10 years. But now, while I am writing this and thinking back, I feel everything has been worth it being Mrs. Roy!  

Here are the  Anniversary pics!

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