Sunday, 11 March 2012

It's exactly a month today, Whitney Houston passed away. It's still so hard to accept such a loss. During this period I read so much more about her, listened to some of my favourite songs, and kept lamenting that my dream of meeting her in person will never happen.

Last night Joy gifted an online copy of the Now magazine which has the entire edition on Whitney. It was so lovely to see the amount of love and admiration she got in her life! It's sad that in India people hardly knew her; even the newspapers and a few news channels just did their bare minimum to pay tribute to her. I don't remember if the Indian media took much interest in her in the last 10 years or so, but suddenly after her death there were suddenly waves of information coming out about her! One journalist in his tribute wrote that Whitney popularised classic and gospel music! Her death was compared to Guru Dutt's by a very popular site; I didn't understand the connection!

Why am I even getting into this! There are just too many jokers in this world, and they need not be given a lot of importance. The fact remains and will always remain, I loved Whitney Houston's voice, her songs, and yes, I loved her for the lovely person she was. One doesn't need to know a person to love. She may have left the earth, but her legacy will carry on. The only diva, a true icon, Whitney Houston... you will always be missed...

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