Sunday, 10 August 2008

Abhinav Bindra The Golden Boy!

It is the moment of truth for India... the first ever individual Olympic gold medal! Yes, someone has finally done it! Abhinav Bindra is the face for the new sporting India.

I was lazing around when Joy sent a text saying that "Abhinav Bindra wins gold medal in 10 m air rifle event. this is the first individual gold for India." The next moment I was up and turned on the television. I am still 'listening' to the television while I'm writing this! I am ecstatic! I'm no sports person, I have never played any sport in my life, yet I'm just thrilled. And that's how I feel every Indian should feel.

It was just yesterday, I was cribbing about the Indian players' not-winning attitude and the Indian government's lack of support to the participants. And, just a day after, what a twist of fate, a gold medal! To rephrase what Boria Majumdar said that from now on we should start to think big, get disappointed, and that disappointment will turn into victory. I am congratulating myself for being an Indian, and I am congratulating every Indian for this glorious moment.

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