Wednesday, 24 September 2008

If only...

While I was growing up my teachers always said that I was poor in English grammar. Actually no, it was not just me but almost all of us, with the exception of a few good students. With my best effort I could not figure out what was wrong and none of the teachers said anything beyond that. Therefore, I grew up with a feeling of rejection as I was poor in English grammar! Strange though, I was fairly good in Spoken English. I never participated in any form of public speaking, never cared to write anything with the fear of making mistakes. My confidence level was definitely much below average standards.

Life went on, and at one stage in life I realized that no one ever pointed out any mistake while I spoke. In fact, some people felt I spoke well. Honestly, when I heard that for the first time I was shocked!

Today, I am a communications trainer by profession. Over the years I have learnt, it’s not always about being a brilliant student with a very good knowledge of language that one can become a good speaker or a writer. Nor does it ensure one's confidence level. I have read many books, including grammar books, to fine tune my English grammar skills. I am a confident person today as I wanted to be one. It was not easy as there are many people in this world who are born to criticize.

I find many youngsters who are extremely diffident to speak, especially in public. I get reminded of my school days when I so wanted to say something, but I wouldn’t with the fear of making mistakes and feeling humiliated in public. In all my training sessions I make sure that every participant gets a chance to speak. They are encouraged to speak their mind and they are assured that they would not be mocked at if a mistake occurs. It works, and it works well. Those introverted withdrawn participants start to talk with no reservation!

If only people were a little less biased, a little less critical, and a little more encouraging…

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Srimoyee said...

"Well said! I truly agree with all that you said and more. If only our education system gave due importance to empirical knowledge rather than theory then we would all be more confident human beings.

Hats off to some teachers who paved the way... And then there were some!!!

As someone who belongs to the teaching/ training fraternity I sympathize with all who think they suffer from public speaking fear.
It's up to us to pave the way for them..."