Thursday, 16 April 2009

Chocolate for thought!

Someone who loves food is called a foodie, similarly someone who loves chocolate should be called chocolatie! Nice chocolate (food) for thought, isn't it!

I am a chocoholic! I may crib and cry and sulk looking at my bloated self in the mirror, but my craving for chocolate never seems to die!

I have tasted quite a large variety of chocolates from different parts of the world. Of all the kinds I have tasted there's one kind that was just extraordinary, not only for the taste, but also for the pricing. Godiva chocolates are a kind and class of its own.

When I went to Brussels, an acquaintance told me about Godiva chocolates. I ensured that going to the Godiva shop was part of the itinerary even in the really little time we were given to see around. It was quite a small shop with a wide variety of chocolates, situated at the Grote Markt square. I wanted to try some before buying a box. So, I ordered a small quantity of dark chocolates. Each of those roughly 20 gm truffles cost about a euro! In my currency it comes to 65 rupees per piece!

Though very steep in price, it was worth tasting one of world's finest chocolates!


The Ketchup Girl said...

i once read somewhere- if the answer is chocolate, the question is irrelevant.

From one chocoholic to another, wishing u many lindt thins everyday.

Chandrima Roy said...

Oh what a way to begin the day! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, and of course being the 1st follower!!!

Pinky Says said...

Oooh! Sounds delicious...:)