Thursday, 30 September 2010

What kind of a traveler am I?

I read many articles, blogs etc. on travel and travelers and this question came to my mind a few days ago. How do I describe myself as a traveler? Well, the answer isn’t quite easy. I am not a backpacker for sure and I’ll never be one. Globetrotter, not just yet! I don’t think I’ll ever have that kind of money to travel in a lot of style. I want to see the world at my own pace and interest with a good amount of comfort and leisure, yet at a fairly economic price. Hmmm, how does one do that? Don’t know the answer to the last question now, but I might figure it out one day. 

I travel a lot in my mind; maybe I can call myself a mind traveler, eh that’s a bad one! The day I have enough resources to go wherever I want to, I’ll sure coin a name to describe myself. As of now, I know that I cannot go anywhere with my one and a half month old daughter. I am just waiting for her to turn a year old; I have of couple of travel plans worked out in my mind already! Hopefully the plans on the mind will turn into real travelling experience with a little bit of luck! In the meantime I am on this wonderful journey of life, called 'Motherhood'!


Backpacking Ninja said...

Especially love the mind traveler bit :) What I have learnt to do everytime I am in the office.

Chandrima Roy said...

Your mind and body travel pretty much at the same time! Good luck... always! :)