Thursday, 25 August 2011

Goa in the monsoon...

About 3 months ago I decided that we'll celebrate Anushka's 1st birthday in Goa. Joy and my parents readily agreed, and so did my sister after a little cajoling! As a start to the preparations I called my Goan friend who is now a resident of Hyderabad though, and asked for the things that we could at this part of the year. His first reaction was why now, go in October. It took me a few weeks to make him understand that it was because of Anushka's birthday that we were going to Goa, and that cannot happen in October!

Sometimes I feel happy that I don't just listen to what people have to tell me; I have drawn a lot of flak from various quarters for this though! Many other friends and acquaintances warned us, discouraged us, all saying that it's going to rain, and you guys will have to stay at the hotel throughout your trip!

It did rain, sometimes there were little showers and sometimes it rained quite heavily. But to our great luck the rains did not affect our plans not even once... maybe I can call it 'Anushka Luck'! Light grey skies, with a drizzle once in a while, greenery in abundance, comfortable weather, just a few people on the beaches, lovely food... what more could we have asked for! Little Anushka was also enjoying I guess... her food habit and sleeping habit just changed during those days... she was an absolute darling!

Do I still have to say that we had a wonderful time through the four days! :)


Chandrima Roy said...

Thanks Preeti! I hope so too!

Cheers :)

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