Wednesday, 24 February 2010

An Angel Called Sachin!

Today was one of those chaotic days when I had to attend to multiple things at the same time. Joy called me amidst all this mess and asked if I was watching TV, I said no, and cribbed a little before asking why was he asking. While asking why, my instant feeling was maybe somewhere there was yet another bomb blast or some fire accident or something as scary, but no, he said, Tendulkar was on 190 and was still batting! For a moment I thought how my mind has got conditioned to expect bad news only.

Sadly, I could not turn on the TV to witness the magical moment when Tendulkar achieved yet another 'first time' record to score a double century in a one day match, but the news channels compensated by repeatedly showing that unforgettable moment. In times of chaos, of almost every kind, all around the world, this man helps to give such tremendous joy with his achievements that one can forget the worries of life for some time.

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, hats off! From the core of my heart I wish and pray that this wonder man achieves many many more records!

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