Monday, 8 February 2010

Grammy Awards - Then and Now!

Last week, while surfing the TV channels, I found that the Grammy Awards programme was about to start in a few minutes. I was mighty thrilled! In that moment of excitement I completely forgot that there weren't too many my kind of musicians who perform anymore. Nevertheless, I still wanted to watch. After watching the programme for a while I felt so dated; I hardly recognised any of the artistes. And, even if I did recognise some faces, I was clueless about their music. By the way, Beyonce Knowles was the star of the evening with her 6 Grammy awards! I still can't figure out what do people find in her music, she whines instead of singing most of the times, but gyrates very well; that sells I guess.

I still remember the times when Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston and their kind of musicians used to sizzle the Grammy stage with their heart warming renditions. Today, most of the singers cannot sing in pitch, which includes multiple Grammy winner Taylor Swift! The little relief was to see glimpses of a few of my favourite old time musicians such as Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen. Bon Jovi performed for the first time on the Grammy stage; they have also changed a little to keep pace with the present world.

I am a little confused about what is happening in the music scene around the world. Though there are still thousands of good musicians still performing, yet there is a huge dearth of good new music. Are we heading towards a time when good music will become history?

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