Friday, 25 February 2011

Travelling begins again!

After a year and two month break Joy and I start travelling again, but now, we have a new little member joining us! I think I am more thrilled that Anushka is making her first trip rather than the fact that I am going somewhere after so long.

Well, this time we are not going to any exotic location nor to a spell bounding scenic place, but to the place where we belong... our own city of joy! Going to ones hometown may not always be a very exciting option, for some it is so matter of fact. But, for Joy and me, Kolkata is no less than any great place; just that one has to have the eyes to look out and enjoy. 

We are going to Cal to celebrate Anushka's Annaprashan. Besides meeting family, friends and relatives, Joy and I have planned a few outings which we'll have to squeeze in as the days are going to be quite hectic. Looking forward to this trip as this is my first after becoming a mother, that is adding more excitement! Will come back and post about all the fun times that Joy and I are going to have!

By the way it's my birthday tomorrow, guess it's a good way to start a trip! Bon voyage to me! :)

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