Friday, 27 May 2011

My Trip To Kolkata

Well this took me a while, to write about my trip to Cal. Cal is always fun, but this time it was indeed special. We went to celebrate Anushka's Annaprashan. There were 4 events for her, and surprisingly, she took all of them really well, with minor discomfort and crying. Great job for a 6 and a half month old!

I celebrated my birthday in Cal after 10 years, with family! I went to Tangra ... after 6 yrs! In fact as a family we went to eat in Tangra after probably 14 years! We even forgot the name of our favourite restaurant and ended up going to another! Kim Fa and Kim Ling don't sound too different, do they ;) I felt nostalgic while driving down the lanes of Tangra.

Joy and I went to Henry's, a very old Chinese shoe store in New Market. Joy needed to buy shoes. Sadly, the store is no more the way it used to be, the glory days are gone. Joy and I did our usual walking on Park Street , Free School Street; it's like a ritual walking on these streets, eating chicken rolls! This time we also went to Braganza's... don't remember after how many years! Also, walked past Uncle Anto's house, just that he is no more.... We spent an entire afternoon on this side of town and headed back home taking the metro rails, another one of our favourites!

Through the 4 events, I met a lot of relatives, friends, some of them after about 10 years or more. Felt at home in fact. No matter how much settled I feel in Mumbai, Cal is still home. that's where my heart belongs.

After a 2 week stay at the place I belong, I had to pack multiple bags, for me, Joy and Anushka, and head back to Mumbai, with lots of fond memories, hundreds of photographs, Anushka's gifts and her 55 new dresses! :D

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