Sunday, 26 June 2011

Down memory lane, it's music once more!

A friend came over day before, and as usual our conversation was mainly on different aspects of music. While talking about different artists, albums etc. he asked me to get a copy of The Hitman Returns: David Foster and Friends and listen to it. He said, I will love it! My husband promptly downloaded the video yesterday and brought it for me. These are some of the nicest things Joy does for me, even before I ask!

This afternoon I got some time and played the DVD. My memories came alive! Kenny Loggins, Chaka Khan, Natalie Cole, Donna Summer, All-4-One, Michael Bolton, Seal, and many more belting out 1 hit after another. I don’t remember when was the last time I heard 'I Can't Love You Like That’ or ‘I Swear’, but today, when I heard All-4-One singing the songs I had goose bumps and I was transported back to 1994. The year of 1994 was a very special one in my life for a variety of reasons; hundreds of memories are etched on my mind. Getting back to the band, after 17 years they sound as good if not more mature! Michael Bolton still sings ‘When A Man Loves A Woman’ as passionately and beautifully as he did almost 20 years ago!

I have known David Foster’s name mainly because of Whitney Houston’s album Bodyguard.  It was only when I started watching the video that I realized what a great and accomplished musician and producer he has been, and what great artists he has been working with!

To watch a concert like this is so rare these days with the way music has changed over the years. Any concert I watch on DVDs etc. are at least 10 years old; hence, this 2011 concert is a treat for music lovers like me. I was so ecstatic watching it on a DVD, wonder how it would’ve felt live!

The backup band was amazing, the string section, the brass section - in short, a very well organised and an extremely well-rehearsed band! Usually, these musicians are studio musicians; therefore, you can‘t expect anything but the best! If I am not mistaken Nathan East was playing the bass, but Joy kept saying it had to be someone else and not him. I googled to check but I did not get an answer. I will check again at a later time. Kenny G made a surprise appearance from amongst the audience in one of songs and he played just as well.

The concert had a very large audience and most of them seemed to be above the age of 35, some may have been in their 50’s! It was wonderful to see the excitement in their eyes, and it was even more wonderful to see how the well-dressed, sophisticated ladies were on their toes dancing to their favourite songs; probably they were trying to relive their past. Chaka Khan even made the men dance when she sang one of Whitney Houston’s biggest hits ‘I’m Every Woman’! That’s the power of music I guess.

I end my little write up here as I think I cannot share my excitement and happiness anymore by means of writing. In the next few days I know I will watch this concert over and over again, and celebrate the moments I left behind!

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