Monday, 27 June 2011

I am back to teaching music!

Till a couple of years ago I believed that my music career is finished and it'll never come back, and I wrote this. But today, things are a little different. I am back to teaching piano and keyboard again! I cannot say that I have got back everything I had, that I don't think is practically possible. It is a small start considering that I am living in Mumbai for just 3 years and I have a little daughter. The good thing is that I have been receiving calls from reputed institutions to join them. I am just waiting for my daughter to grow a little more before I say yes to one of the institutions. 

Performing does not interest me that much anymore, unless it is for a really prestigious project. What I am interested in is to teach music in a more serious form. I know western music in India is still not treated  that seriously, but I can see little changes in various quarters. I am willing to wait and do my bit, and I am hopeful that I will be among the very few who tried to make a difference! 

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