Sunday, 10 July 2011

Remembering music of Mary Poppins!

Today was just another day when I wanted to spend some time watching music videos on YouTube. I started with some jazz standards, then moved on to some lighter music and then suddenly out of nowhere I wanted to listen to 'Chim Chim Cheree' from the musical film 'Mary Poppins'. While watching the video and getting soaked in childhood memories I noticed the side bar that displayed suggestions of other related songs. And, to my surprise I found 'Let's Go Fly A Kite' besides 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious', the latter one I remembered was part of the film. Over the years, I completely forgot that'Let's Go Fly A Kite' was also a part of the same film.

In school, and later in college too, my friends  and I have performed songs from 'The Sound Of Music' several times, and even today many parents and teachers ensure that the kids know some songs from this film. But, do people, especially in India, (can't say about the rest of the world) remember much about 'Mary Poppins' or the beautiful songs that were composed for the musical? I learnt 3 songs when I was about 7 years old (the names I have already mentioned). Well, I haven't known many people who know these songs! And, I wonder why is there a difference? The genre was the same, both films had the charming Julie Andrews, yet both have been treated so differently.

Most people these days can't relate to quality music. My statement holds good in the Indian context. Be it Indian (all forms) or any other genre, Bollywood music is the only form of music people connect with.  There is such dearth for western music education here in India. I know hundreds of people who have learnt western classical music and some of them even went on to do the diploma courses as well, but I know only a handful who have taken up music as their profession. 

I hope someday there will be enough enthusiasts who will do all that is necessary to preserve the wonderful treasure of music and films that may just get lost in time. I am doing my bit by leaving this video that I found on YouTube. Sing along with it, it'll be a great way to get transported back to childhood!

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