Sunday, 17 July 2011

Something that I wrote in an interview a few years ago...

People are often asked to write essays during their interview rounds. Among many topics one of the recruiters’ favourites is “what do you think is the single most important problem the world is facing”. Even I had to write once on the same topic, and this is pretty much what I wrote. 

Problems, there are aplenty in the world we live in. Poverty, destruction, racism, pollution, population, the list is endless. If I have to talk about the single most important problem the world is facing, I would say the right for humans to live in peace. Asking for peace is such a dificult thing in today’s world. What attributes to this is debatable.

War and destruction are two words we learn at formidable years of our lives, when we read in schools about ancient kings and their stories of victory. Ironically, what we think is ancient is still so prevalent, probably in a more heinous form. People today still kill people for power, and often, in the name of religion! Terrorism has paralysed the society at large. As a kid I did not learn the word ‘terrorism’, probably because there was no need for it. But today, every kid knows what the word means and they also know a lot about terrorists! Wonder if there are solutions to eradicate the terrorists and terrorism from the face of the earth.

Talking about India, one cannot take a stroll in the park, or watch a movie at a theatre, or just go crazy on shopping without being frisked and being looked at with suspicion. There is hardly any ease of living.

To conclude, I would say that it is the responsibility of each human to ensure peace in whatever form possible, as we already have many other problems to deal with in our lives. If each of us learns to treat others equally, starts to accept and respect beliefs and opinions of others, the world will surely become a better place to live in.

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